Beara Peninsula looped walk – The Pulleen loop – 1.5 hours and easy!

Coosemore Caves at Bird Point near Ardgroom on the Beara

The Coosemore Caves

Dogs Point on the Pulleen Way

Dogs Point on the Pulleen Way

A view from the Pulleen Way

The Pulleen way between Bird Point and Dogs Point

We spent ages planning a few short easy-going yet scenic looped walks on the Beara peninsula as the Beara way itself is not looped, ie you need to be dropped at one end of a day’s walk and picked up at the other.  The looped walks enable you to leave the car and return to the same spot.

Our first adventure was along the Pulleen Way loop.  The rendez-vous point was at Ardgroom where there is a cafe, shop, post office and petrol station all combined.  After quick refreshments we headed to Bird Point (Ordnance Survey Map 84) which is about 5km from Ardgroom on the north coast of the Beara Peninsula.  Parking is in the small harbour next to the derelict lorry at Bird Point.  The grade is easy, the track is well signposted and the walk takes about 1.5 hours.

We actually followed the coast up to Dogs Point and retraced our steps back to Bird Point as the view over the ocean is so amazing.  The Coosemore Caves remind me of the very well known Hole in the Rock near Paihia on the Bay of Islands in New Zealand!

When you finish this walk and if you are heading in the direction of Eyeries,  be sure to take the narrow coastal road as it tracks the coast and the views are fabulous


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