Bandon’s St Patricks Day Parade

Full marks go to the organizers of the Bandon St Patricks Day parade as it gets better and better every year.  We did miss a pipe band and some Irish dancers so perhaps we could aim to include those next year.  All the groups and individuals that paraded from the scouts to the farmers on their classic tractors and the classic cars were great as was the performance by the Fanzini Brothers before and after the parade itself.

Our American guests from Chicago loved the old tractors.  They were expecting our river to be green like in Chicago but aside from that, they loved the small intimate feel of our parade compared with their massive parade.  They had a great lunch afterwards at The Poachers Inn


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2 Responses to “Bandon’s St Patricks Day Parade”

  1. Nollaig Mac Conraoí. Says:

    Was this photo taken in Balymodan Place. I seem to recognise the old Garda Station and part of Sth. Main St.
    I used to live there a long time ago in a house owned by a Mrs. Roddy, opposite the Church near Gallows Hill.
    Later on I was a member of the FCA Pipe Band. Whatever happened to it?

  2. kilbrogan Says:

    This photo was taken in Ballymodan Place as you correctly point out and that is the Old Garda Station in the distance which is now a solicitors office (PJ O’Driscoll). There is a pipe band still in the town but I am not sure if it is called the FCA.

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