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French last in WHICH favourite car poll

June 27, 2008

Six French models were ranked in the bottom 10 of 219 cars surveyed by Which magazine, three being renaults.  Here is the list of the worst 10:-

Renault Espace (2003-)

Renault Laguna (2001-2007)

Mercedes A Class (1998-2004)     Almost bought one of these myself so lucky miss!

Fiat Punto (1999-2005)   Totally agree.  Lousy.  Have one myself.  Otherwise known as Fix it again Tomorrow

Renault Scenic (1997-2003)

Citroen Xsara (1997-2004)

VW Sharan (1995-)   Never heard of this one

Peugeot 307 (2001-)

Peugeot 206 ( 1998-)

Chrysler Voyager (1997-2001)   Seriously considered one of these so another lucky miss by all accounts