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Bandon’s winter plants go on summer hols

May 29, 2009

Bandon Tidy Towns volunteers have now removed all the tulips and polyanthas from the beds and will put in the summer plants next week.  Meanwhile the tulips have been stored away and the polyanthas have been planted in a shady place for their summer holidays.  Nothing like re-use, recycle.  We thank Cork City Council for letting us have more of their ‘throw outs’ which have now all been planted up and are being fed and watered diligently so that they will look great for next year.

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas


Bandon Tidy Town Group Tackle litter and graffitti in playground

May 5, 2009

Volunteers for Bandon Tidy Towns meet on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and all new comers are welcome!!  Tonight one group collected litter from the Allin Garden, the Old Cork Road and the road at the back of the town park –  10 full bags of litter in just a couple of hours.

The second group tackled the graffitti in the playground.  We re-painted the slides and train but will have to return to the area to put on a few more coats before it looks good.  We also removed the graffitti from the steel slides.

The litter competition has commenced so we will be out again this week to make sure that the town is clean.  Cigarette butts are a scourge that we need to eradicate!  We wish people would put them in bins and not on the ground.

Bandon Tidy Towns

September 10, 2008

Volunteers from Bandon Tidy Towns have been hard at work all summer.  There was many a time we might have thrown in the towel – Why?  because

a)  many of our plants, shrubs and roses were pinched.

b)  our watering pump blew up in July right at the beginning of a dry period causing many of the plants in the new hanging baskets to die and then have to be replanted.

c) the council sprayed the weeds on a windy day killing off many of the plants in our tubs on St Patricks Quay and around the trees on Market Quay, on  Kilbrogan Hill and at the top of Ball Alley Lane.

We received the adjudication report from the 2008 Tidy Towns Competition.  Many of the criticisms were predictable and sadly beyond our control.  The derelict petrol station on the Glasslinn Road and the poor state of the Eircom building opposite the station were commented on.  I totally agree with their comment that these buildings are eyesores.  The derelict buildings next to the new Riverview development on North Main Street also came in for criticism as did the GAA and the graffitti in the childrens playground.  I note that the GAA received lottery funding for euro 150,000 so I really hope that a fraction of this amount (maybe even just euro 20) will be set aside for some paint to spruce up their gates.  Just a small job like that could make such a difference to the town.

Bandon Tidy Towns Planting Continues

June 21, 2008

We (The Bandon Tidy Towns Group) have been busy planting for the summer. For the first time we have put up hanging baskets along MacSweeney Quay, a few on the new poles leading to St Patricks Quay and on the new poles on Kilbrogan Hill. A big thank you to our new mayor Liz who waters all these baskets for us!!

FAS are helping us out with the painting of the very sad looking railings around the shambles. We recently painted the pump at the bottom of Kilbrogan Hill yellow so that our new plant box in front of the pump will stand out.

This evening we were out planting under the trees on Kilbrogan Hill. A chap stopped and gave Bandon Tidy Towns a euro 20 donation for our efforts so that will go towards some more plants. On behalf of Bandon Tidy Towns, a big thank you to that very generous person!!

The bed on the Dunmanway Road/Ball Alley Lane has been planted with perennial geraniums so it will take a year before these spread out and look really good. This is a very large bed and somewhat in the shade so perennial planting makes more sense than annuals.

The Bandon Chamber of Commerce has let the now defunct Bandon Tourist Office ‘go to seed’. We cleared out the weeds from all the gutters last week and started to wash them but torrential rain stopped play. Hopefully we’ll have better weather on Tuesday when we can finish it off. This building is particularly visible when approaching the town centre so it’s quite sad that it is being let get into a bad state.

A big thank you to the Rosminians and St Patricks Upton who have helped Bandon Tidy Towns enormously. On our annual spring clean day in April, Ash and his team cleared the railway line walk and car park of piles of litter on a really wet day. Donal and his team at St Patricks planted up all the hanging baskets along the quay. They were also responsible for growing all the plants in the hanging baskets and for the agaranthenums on the New Road. Well done to all of them for all their hard work! Incidentally Ash and his team from the Rosminian centre keep many of the boxes within the new developments along MacSweeney Quay and also in the courtyard outside their own building which is behind Da Vida’s. Take a peak in there sometime to see how well the plants look.

Clonakilty may be miles ahead of us in the Tidy Town competition but watch out Clonakilty, it may take us a while but we in Bandon are getting into gear!!