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The Bandon Bypass

July 15, 2008

There was an article in last week’s Southern Star about the Bandon Bypass.  In my opinion, we have been left behind and have very little chance of seeing a completed bypass in the next five years.  It’s incredible that a small town like Graignuemanagh on the Kilkenny Carlow border with a population a fraction of the size of Bandon can have a superb new bypass yet Bandon and its ever increasing population has to suffer on with very little hope of the bypass being completed.

Whoever in the Council agreed to the construction of such a steep  hill on the Clonakilty side of the current bypass should be shot.  I don’t blame trucks for still having to thunder through the town along South Main Street and St Patricks Quay and along North Main Street on the Northern side of town.  Driving through Bandon on a Friday evening is akin to driving through Waterford and we all know what hell that is.  The lucky people of Waterford see light at the end of the tunnel but we have nothing to look forward to.  Waterford has the advantage of being located on one of the five inter-urban routes linking the major towns in the country.  In the governments opinion ‘To heck with the rural areas, lets keep the cities connected’.  So to pacify all, the government allocates the council a few odd cents to tinker with the road between Innishannon and Bandon.  This road is fine.  Leave it alone and spend the money on the bypass!