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Aga Saga solved

June 18, 2009

Happy Days!  Graham Summerskill is the aga expert and he took very little time to fix our aga.  He works out of Waterford so covers a wide area and is well worth waiting for!!   Forget Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – A total rip off.  We were left minus our oil meter on our oil tank and a bill for euro 365 for an aga that was still broken.

It took Graham Summerskill just 20 minutes to figure out the real problem and a few days to order the new part – More importantly at euro 178, his bill including the part was a fraction of that charged by Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – And remember, Graham has to travel from Tallow in Waterford.

The Ireland rip off days are over so wake up Murray Cleaning – Once bitten, twice shy.  We won’t be recommending your aga servicing ability to anyone who has any sense.  Lets hope that a few people benefit from this blog!!


Aga saga!

May 16, 2009

Does anbody know a reliable Aga repair man who can fix an AGA in Bandon, County Cork?  Our oil fired aga is about 10 years old and up to now has worked like a dream.  We have always serviced it ourselves.

All started to go wrong in February when the AGA went out for no apparent reason and a service and clean didn’t do the job.  Aga recommend a chap in Limerick who seems to have every AGA in the country to deal with so might show up in West Cork in the next century.

We had to resort to Murrays Cleaning and Maintenance.  Well, euro 365 later after several visits from him, new wicks and a new adapter,  we have an aga that is turned as far down to zero as it can go without being turned out and it is raging hot, burning everything.  This maintenace chap even managed to remove the oil gauge from my oil tank so not only am I left with an aga that doesn’t work properly but I have no oil gauge and have to get a ladder and put a stick into the tank to know how much oil is left.  I refuse to call him again as he will insist on further payments for zero result!  Rip off Ireland is alive and well despite the downturn..

So if there is anybody out there who can fix an oil burning aga at a reasonable price or can tell us how to fix it ourselves, please get in touch with us at Kilbrogan House.  We are reasonably au fait with how this cooker works given that we have been servicing it without a problem for the past 10 years.