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Litter, litter everywhere – come and see our litter

March 14, 2010

This country is being totally destroyed with the amount of litter building up along roads and in other public areas.  The longer we fail to address this issue, the worse it becomes.

I recently paid a visit to a local school in Bandon at 2pm as the post lunch bell was ringing.  The playground was covered in litter and while the students wandered back to class, a school employee was hard at work armed with a litter picker and a black sack.  This said it all.  The students do not care about the state of their surroundings and furthermore, they are not being taught to clean up.

National Spring Clean month in April is an attempt to bring litter under control. In my locality the primary schools are all willing participants in this project but very few of the secondary schools volunteer to take part. Far more assistance is required to bring litter under control.  A nationwide TV and school campaign is required.   Litter fines should exist. Hit the pocket and people will quickly pay attention.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

March 13, 2010

Bandon Tidy Towns and the Transition Town Bandon Group joined together on Friday, 12th March, 2010 and planted over 100 native trees on the Bandon By Pass as part of National Tree Week.  A big thank you to volunteers from Cope, the Rosmini Centre, Colaiste na Tobhairte and St Brogans who all helped with the project.

A further 200 trees will be planted next Friday, 19th March which will complete the project.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

Trees galore in Bandon

Bandon’s winter plants go on summer hols

May 29, 2009

Bandon Tidy Towns volunteers have now removed all the tulips and polyanthas from the beds and will put in the summer plants next week.  Meanwhile the tulips have been stored away and the polyanthas have been planted in a shady place for their summer holidays.  Nothing like re-use, recycle.  We thank Cork City Council for letting us have more of their ‘throw outs’ which have now all been planted up and are being fed and watered diligently so that they will look great for next year.

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas

Bandon Town Hall gets painted

May 29, 2009

The outside of the town hall in Bandon now reflects the great work done to the inside of the building.  How happy are we all now as it has looked shabby for such a long time.  All we need is the removal of the ugly boarding at the top of the stairs.

Bandon Town Hall's New Image

Bandon Town Hall's New Image

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Bandon Cigarette Butt clean up

May 16, 2009

Bandon is now in week 2 of a Cork region Anti Litter competition.  The week 1 results were a disaster – cigarette butts everywhere – Bandon, pretty much bottom of the league – a disgrace!

2 of us took to the streets tonight (saturday!) in a major effort to rid the streets of cigarette butts.  We spent 2 hours pounding the pavements and picked up mountains of the dreaded butts.  The bookies, the Sanctuary and the pubs (notably The Plunkett Inn) were the worst offenders.  Sorry guys, you have to be named and shamed.  We need help.  We need more butt bins installed by businesses in town.  The businesses are happy when their tills go ching, ching but don’t care what their places look like outside.  If every business helped by cleaning up outside their premises, we would be much better off.  Please don’t leave it to the few who care.

Our prize was an abandoned Lidl trolley behind O’Donovan’s off licence loaded with a euro coin.  So much for all the talk about recession.  Some don’t seem to worry about leaving a euro behind.  Isn’t amazing that even the kids don’t think to bring the trollies back to claim the euro.  Before you abandon your trolley, just think about who gets to bring it back to the store – Bandon Tidy Towns Volunteers.  Save us yet another job and please, take your trollies back to where you got them.

Bandon Tidy Town Group Tackle litter and graffitti in playground

May 5, 2009

Volunteers for Bandon Tidy Towns meet on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and all new comers are welcome!!  Tonight one group collected litter from the Allin Garden, the Old Cork Road and the road at the back of the town park –  10 full bags of litter in just a couple of hours.

The second group tackled the graffitti in the playground.  We re-painted the slides and train but will have to return to the area to put on a few more coats before it looks good.  We also removed the graffitti from the steel slides.

The litter competition has commenced so we will be out again this week to make sure that the town is clean.  Cigarette butts are a scourge that we need to eradicate!  We wish people would put them in bins and not on the ground.

Bandon Tidy Town Spring Clean

May 4, 2009

We were unlucky to choose two very wet days for our annual Bandon spring clean which ties in with the National Spring Clean, namely Friday, 25th April, 2009 and Saturday, 26th April.  Nevertheless, a big thank you to the Lauragh National School children who braved the bad weather to clean up the town park.  We wish them well in their pursuit of a green flag for the school.   We would also like to thank Sinn Fein who cleaned along the river bank, the brownies and guides who cleaned the shambles, the playground and around the park and to local residents and Bandon Tidy Towns who cleaned up around their areas, Gaggin, Thornfields and Castle Road out to the golf club etc.

Pay by weight is a system that doesn’t work.  Fly tipping all over the place is rampant and there aren’t enough CCTV cameras to catch people.  Black bags carefully tied are dumped everywhere.  Rats nibble through the plastic and the contents fly all over the countryside.  Have we no pride?  Do we seriously think that these black bags will just magically disappear?  Bring back compulsory bin charges for everyone!  I hate paying taxes like everybody else but I hate it even more when I end up paying whilst plenty duck them.

We had a miserable job getting the secondary schools to participate in the spring clean.  Any suggestions???   Dropping litter, gum etc isn’t cool – It’s dumb.  How do we convey this message to kids?  We need the secondary schools help with this!!!!