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The Kansas Wesleyan University Philharmonic Choir

May 10, 2010
Kansas Wesleyan Choir

Kansas Wesleyan choir

This choir will perform in St Peter’s Church, Bandon at 8pm on Saturday, 15th May.  Admission euro 10, children euro 5.  All proceeds to the restoration of the organ at St Peters Church.

The choir is comprised of 70 students from Kansas Wesleyan University and is directed by Ken Hakoda.  There will be a guest soloist.   This event is not to be missed!!!


Litter, litter everywhere – come and see our litter

March 14, 2010

This country is being totally destroyed with the amount of litter building up along roads and in other public areas.  The longer we fail to address this issue, the worse it becomes.

I recently paid a visit to a local school in Bandon at 2pm as the post lunch bell was ringing.  The playground was covered in litter and while the students wandered back to class, a school employee was hard at work armed with a litter picker and a black sack.  This said it all.  The students do not care about the state of their surroundings and furthermore, they are not being taught to clean up.

National Spring Clean month in April is an attempt to bring litter under control. In my locality the primary schools are all willing participants in this project but very few of the secondary schools volunteer to take part. Far more assistance is required to bring litter under control.  A nationwide TV and school campaign is required.   Litter fines should exist. Hit the pocket and people will quickly pay attention.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

March 13, 2010

Bandon Tidy Towns and the Transition Town Bandon Group joined together on Friday, 12th March, 2010 and planted over 100 native trees on the Bandon By Pass as part of National Tree Week.  A big thank you to volunteers from Cope, the Rosmini Centre, Colaiste na Tobhairte and St Brogans who all helped with the project.

A further 200 trees will be planted next Friday, 19th March which will complete the project.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

Trees galore in Bandon

Flooding in Bandon – Was it the fault of the planners?

November 24, 2009

Little did any of us realize how severe the flooding would be.  The planners allowed the Supervalu Shopping Centre and Lidl to be built on what was formerly a flood plain. (Even my map of 1845 show this plain in bold letters).  In the past this plain would have taken the bulk of the water but given the massive bank defenses that the supermarkets erected for themselves, the water had no place to go but down the main street wiping out the little guys that make this town so attractive.

We have a unique town full of all sorts of quirky stores.  Barely one of these stores was left unscathed.  I really hope they re-open but I fear the worst.  These businesses differentiated us from other places.  Lets hope we are not left with goliaths offering mass produced items from China etc.  Even the garlic in Lidl comes from China – How sad is that!!  By doing all our shopping in these huge stores, we are harming ourselves.  We need to become protectionist if we are to save livelihoods.  Support the little guys!!

The Cluid housing for the elderly was built on the weir on the site of a former mill so needless to say, it also suffered massive flood damage.  Residents have only been in this new building a few weeks.  These people aren’t so nimble that they can quickly leg it up the stairs at a moments notice.  Did the planners think of this?

McSweeney Quay in Bandon

Even the pavement was uprooted

Filling Sandbags

The community turns out to fill sandbags

The old Flood Plain with the high bank defenses

The old Flood Plain

South Main Street, Bandon

A sorry sight in South Main Street, Bandon

Bandon Flooding

November 19, 2009

The exceptional amount of rain has turned the Bandon river into a full scale torrent flooding parts of South Main Street causing businesses to close.

Bandon South Main Street

Flooding in South Main Street in Bandon

The Bandon River in full flow

The Bandon River in full flow

Bridge Street in Bandon under water

Bridge Street, Bandon under water

Bandon Playground under water

Bandon Playground under water

Marmatiece – Bandon

June 21, 2009

Marmatiece in Bandon has now opened for lunches during the week.  Last week I paid it a visit with some friends.  I had a ham open sandwich on white spelt bread which was garnished with salad leaves.  The price was euro 6.50. The sandwich was tastey and the price was reasonable.

I like the airy atmosphere in this bistro at lunch time and think that the menu is overall well priced as well as interesting.

Aga Saga solved

June 18, 2009

Happy Days!  Graham Summerskill is the aga expert and he took very little time to fix our aga.  He works out of Waterford so covers a wide area and is well worth waiting for!!   Forget Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – A total rip off.  We were left minus our oil meter on our oil tank and a bill for euro 365 for an aga that was still broken.

It took Graham Summerskill just 20 minutes to figure out the real problem and a few days to order the new part – More importantly at euro 178, his bill including the part was a fraction of that charged by Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – And remember, Graham has to travel from Tallow in Waterford.

The Ireland rip off days are over so wake up Murray Cleaning – Once bitten, twice shy.  We won’t be recommending your aga servicing ability to anyone who has any sense.  Lets hope that a few people benefit from this blog!!

Bandon’s winter plants go on summer hols

May 29, 2009

Bandon Tidy Towns volunteers have now removed all the tulips and polyanthas from the beds and will put in the summer plants next week.  Meanwhile the tulips have been stored away and the polyanthas have been planted in a shady place for their summer holidays.  Nothing like re-use, recycle.  We thank Cork City Council for letting us have more of their ‘throw outs’ which have now all been planted up and are being fed and watered diligently so that they will look great for next year.

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas

The departure of the Bandon Polyanthas

Bandon Town Hall gets painted

May 29, 2009

The outside of the town hall in Bandon now reflects the great work done to the inside of the building.  How happy are we all now as it has looked shabby for such a long time.  All we need is the removal of the ugly boarding at the top of the stairs.

Bandon Town Hall's New Image

Bandon Town Hall's New Image

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Bandon’s Allin Garden gets a face lift

May 16, 2009

Bandon Tidy towns volunteers have been hard at work painting street furniture.  We gave the five benches in front of the Allin Institute a makeover so lets hope that the townspeople approve of the bright cheery red and black seats.