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Tourists over 66 get free train travel in Ireland

March 20, 2010

A new scheme  has been introduced allowing visitors to Ireland over the age of 66 to avail of free train travel throughout the Irish Republic.  It’s called the Golden Trekker.  Tickets can be purchased in blocks of four days depending on the length of stay.  A four day unlimited ticket would normally be worth euro 100 so it is great value.

You don’t need to book online though you can on the Failte Ireland Tourist Board website    You can apply for up to three warrants per individual within the year.  If you don’t book online, you need to visit a tourist office on arrival in the country and ask about the Golden Trekker facility.


Litter, litter everywhere – come and see our litter

March 14, 2010

This country is being totally destroyed with the amount of litter building up along roads and in other public areas.  The longer we fail to address this issue, the worse it becomes.

I recently paid a visit to a local school in Bandon at 2pm as the post lunch bell was ringing.  The playground was covered in litter and while the students wandered back to class, a school employee was hard at work armed with a litter picker and a black sack.  This said it all.  The students do not care about the state of their surroundings and furthermore, they are not being taught to clean up.

National Spring Clean month in April is an attempt to bring litter under control. In my locality the primary schools are all willing participants in this project but very few of the secondary schools volunteer to take part. Far more assistance is required to bring litter under control.  A nationwide TV and school campaign is required.   Litter fines should exist. Hit the pocket and people will quickly pay attention.

Nama, the bank assets and the solicitors letters as collateral

March 14, 2010

Another incredible bombshell.  Nama (the National Asset Management Agency) are discovering that banks accepted solicitors letters as collateral against loans to developers worth hundreds of millions.  So why no documentation?   Quite incredible.  What this means is yet more money paid out to lawyers to sort this out.

Who had first lien on the assets??   I suspect that double pledging was rife and the banks may find that they were way down the pecking order in thier lien over the assets.  The banks will doubtless threaten the developers with legal action but at the end of the day, yet again the tax payer will end up footing the bill as we bail out both the banks and the developers.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

March 13, 2010

Bandon Tidy Towns and the Transition Town Bandon Group joined together on Friday, 12th March, 2010 and planted over 100 native trees on the Bandon By Pass as part of National Tree Week.  A big thank you to volunteers from Cope, the Rosmini Centre, Colaiste na Tobhairte and St Brogans who all helped with the project.

A further 200 trees will be planted next Friday, 19th March which will complete the project.

Tree Planting in Bandon as part of National Tree Week

Trees galore in Bandon