Flooding in Bandon – Was it the fault of the planners?

Little did any of us realize how severe the flooding would be.  The planners allowed the Supervalu Shopping Centre and Lidl to be built on what was formerly a flood plain. (Even my map of 1845 show this plain in bold letters).  In the past this plain would have taken the bulk of the water but given the massive bank defenses that the supermarkets erected for themselves, the water had no place to go but down the main street wiping out the little guys that make this town so attractive.

We have a unique town full of all sorts of quirky stores.  Barely one of these stores was left unscathed.  I really hope they re-open but I fear the worst.  These businesses differentiated us from other places.  Lets hope we are not left with goliaths offering mass produced items from China etc.  Even the garlic in Lidl comes from China – How sad is that!!  By doing all our shopping in these huge stores, we are harming ourselves.  We need to become protectionist if we are to save livelihoods.  Support the little guys!!

The Cluid housing for the elderly was built on the weir on the site of a former mill so needless to say, it also suffered massive flood damage.  Residents have only been in this new building a few weeks.  These people aren’t so nimble that they can quickly leg it up the stairs at a moments notice.  Did the planners think of this?

McSweeney Quay in Bandon

Even the pavement was uprooted

Filling Sandbags

The community turns out to fill sandbags

The old Flood Plain with the high bank defenses

The old Flood Plain

South Main Street, Bandon

A sorry sight in South Main Street, Bandon



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