The Church Restaurant in Skibbereen

We really missed the Church Restaurant after it was burnt down by an arsonist a few years ago so it’s really great that the owners have been able to bring it back to life and wow, what a fantastic work of art.  The carpentry is fantastic so well done to the Linehans who even made my kitchen here at Kilbrogan House.

The menu is decently priced.  We had a delicious pepperoni pizza with a generous topping, a bowl of butternut squash soup, a coke and a sparkling water for just euro 18.95 which I thought was great.   The place was buzzing and the staff were extremely attentive so well done to all!!!   We’ll be back and anybody who is travelling through Skibbereen, don’t forget to stop at The Church even if only for a coffee or soup.  There is a huge car park right behind the restaurant so no excuses to miss this gem.



One Response to “The Church Restaurant in Skibbereen”

  1. Grace - Hampshire Says:

    I was delighted by the beautiful look of the newly renovated Church restaurant but the food and service were truly terrible. Go there at your peril. I live in England and love returning home for some real food but I was only reminded of the type of cheap pub grub which the English are renowned for at this restaurant. We booked a week in advance and despite the fact that there appears to be lots of staff we waited with our guests for quite a while to be seated. There were five of us in total and we gave our order. The food arrived in stages, our guests firstly who insisted upon waiting for the rest to arrive and was thus cold, the remainder arrived in 2 groups 5 minutes apart. I would describe the meals as plates of mush with fatty gravey and butter. Definately not Irish cusine to match the surroundings. The waitress did not know how to pour wine – its not that hard! and to add insult to injury the bill was dumped between our guests while we were eating the meal. When we complained we were told that it was policy yet there are numbers on the tables or maybe a discreet dish to put the bills in might be a help. Again the desert bill was dumped between our guests while they were eating the desert. The deserts were pricey and small. Finally, after dumping 2 bills on our table one has to pay downstairs at the counter so I dont see the point at all of being so rude. Finally the tip cannot be put on the credit/debit card so the inexperienced waitress lost out. We felt sorry for her. Too many chiefs and chaos – We will never return.

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