Bramley Lodge Food Store and Cafe

I passed Bramley Lodge on my way to Fota Arboretum so stopped for a quick cup of hot chocolate and carrot cake.  What a disappointment.  The chocolate was just about undrinkable and the carrot cake was rock solid – a really hopeless recipe and the bill …. euro 6.45  Next time I will carry on to the Ballymaloe cafe which has consistently high standards.

Perhaps I might have had better luck with the lunch but I am not heading back any time soon to find out.



2 Responses to “Bramley Lodge Food Store and Cafe”

  1. Lisa Says:

    My initials thoughts when i read your review is that you may be affiliated with a certain competitor! I have visited the Bramely Lodge Food Store and Cafe on several occasions and I have recieved the most scrumptious fine food. I have actually seen a certain well known television chef dining there on more than one occasion .My advice to you is give it a second chance as hundreds of people are frequenting the establishement, including myself,on a regualr basis.

    • kilbrogan Says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks very much for your comments. I haven’t been back since my first visit. Given your comments. perhaps things have changed so next time I visit Fota, I’ll try it out again. Perhaps I was just unlucky with my choices.

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