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Bramley Lodge Food Store and Cafe

June 28, 2009

I passed Bramley Lodge on my way to Fota Arboretum so stopped for a quick cup of hot chocolate and carrot cake.  What a disappointment.  The chocolate was just about undrinkable and the carrot cake was rock solid – a really hopeless recipe and the bill …. euro 6.45  Next time I will carry on to the Ballymaloe cafe which has consistently high standards.

Perhaps I might have had better luck with the lunch but I am not heading back any time soon to find out.


The Church Restaurant in Skibbereen

June 28, 2009

We really missed the Church Restaurant after it was burnt down by an arsonist a few years ago so it’s really great that the owners have been able to bring it back to life and wow, what a fantastic work of art.  The carpentry is fantastic so well done to the Linehans who even made my kitchen here at Kilbrogan House.

The menu is decently priced.  We had a delicious pepperoni pizza with a generous topping, a bowl of butternut squash soup, a coke and a sparkling water for just euro 18.95 which I thought was great.   The place was buzzing and the staff were extremely attentive so well done to all!!!   We’ll be back and anybody who is travelling through Skibbereen, don’t forget to stop at The Church even if only for a coffee or soup.  There is a huge car park right behind the restaurant so no excuses to miss this gem.

Marmatiece – Bandon

June 21, 2009

Marmatiece in Bandon has now opened for lunches during the week.  Last week I paid it a visit with some friends.  I had a ham open sandwich on white spelt bread which was garnished with salad leaves.  The price was euro 6.50. The sandwich was tastey and the price was reasonable.

I like the airy atmosphere in this bistro at lunch time and think that the menu is overall well priced as well as interesting.

Jacobs on the Mall – Cork Restaurant review

June 21, 2009

The service in Jacobs on the Mall is dreadfully slow.  Unless you have a minimum of two hours to spare for dinner, give this place a miss.

I love the food.  I had delicious tomato and sweetcorn bread made on the premises followed by mixed leaves, a Thai green chicken curry and their delicious chocolate fondant.  My brother had crab claws, a tastey chicken dish and the chocolate fondant.  The dessert takes 15 minutes but believe me, if you have the patience to wait for the great food, you won’t mind waiting the extra 15 minutes for the dessert.

The head waiter during my visit was a chap who likes to put  his arm around people and call them ‘folks’ – Far too touchy/feely/flippant for my liking.  He was in such a rush that he was all over the place.  It’s a shame that the service is so bad given the standard of the food.

Aga Saga solved

June 18, 2009

Happy Days!  Graham Summerskill is the aga expert and he took very little time to fix our aga.  He works out of Waterford so covers a wide area and is well worth waiting for!!   Forget Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – A total rip off.  We were left minus our oil meter on our oil tank and a bill for euro 365 for an aga that was still broken.

It took Graham Summerskill just 20 minutes to figure out the real problem and a few days to order the new part – More importantly at euro 178, his bill including the part was a fraction of that charged by Murray Cleaning and Maintainance – And remember, Graham has to travel from Tallow in Waterford.

The Ireland rip off days are over so wake up Murray Cleaning – Once bitten, twice shy.  We won’t be recommending your aga servicing ability to anyone who has any sense.  Lets hope that a few people benefit from this blog!!