Bandon Cigarette Butt clean up

Bandon is now in week 2 of a Cork region Anti Litter competition.  The week 1 results were a disaster – cigarette butts everywhere – Bandon, pretty much bottom of the league – a disgrace!

2 of us took to the streets tonight (saturday!) in a major effort to rid the streets of cigarette butts.  We spent 2 hours pounding the pavements and picked up mountains of the dreaded butts.  The bookies, the Sanctuary and the pubs (notably The Plunkett Inn) were the worst offenders.  Sorry guys, you have to be named and shamed.  We need help.  We need more butt bins installed by businesses in town.  The businesses are happy when their tills go ching, ching but don’t care what their places look like outside.  If every business helped by cleaning up outside their premises, we would be much better off.  Please don’t leave it to the few who care.

Our prize was an abandoned Lidl trolley behind O’Donovan’s off licence loaded with a euro coin.  So much for all the talk about recession.  Some don’t seem to worry about leaving a euro behind.  Isn’t amazing that even the kids don’t think to bring the trollies back to claim the euro.  Before you abandon your trolley, just think about who gets to bring it back to the store – Bandon Tidy Towns Volunteers.  Save us yet another job and please, take your trollies back to where you got them.


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