Brian Lenihan amazes the Europeans

I cringed when I read Anne Lucey’s article in the Irish Times entitled ‘Europe ‘amazed’ at steps taken in budget – Lenihan’ with a photo of a smug Brian next to it.    Yes, Brian, there would be riots in France.  Yes, Brian, the global downturn has disproportionately affected Ireland’s economy but only because you and your predecessors lined the pockets of the speculators and the wealthier people of our country and created ridiculous tax incentive schemes even at the height of the boom.   We haven’t rioted because we are in a far far worse state than France.  We have no choice but to pay for the mess that you have landed us in.  Yes, anybody who voted no to Lisbon last time around would be a mug to vote no now.  Europe is our only hope the way we are heading!

Our social security payments are way too high, our minimum wage is too high and our public pensions are way too generous.  This all has to be paid for.  No wonder the migrant figures are swelling the numbers of the unemployed.  I wouldn’t be beating a fast track back to Poland if I can get incredibly generous unemployment benefit here.

Time to wake up Brian.  We are in a worse state than you can imagine.  Start focussing on entrepreneurs and forget the 100pct fixation about multinationals that can dump us in a heartbeat.  Other countries will create tax incentive schemes to match.  We can’t compete with low wage countries. We have to be creative and that’s why we need the entrepreneurs.

Remember, the bulk of all the bad loans that every one of us will have to pay for relate to less than 40 very powerful, politically well connected, still very rich people.  The rest of us are the poor sods who will spend years bailing them out.  I wanted to throw up when I read Niall Mellon saying that we are all in this together.  Niall – Wake up.  Not all of us were so greedy and now we get to pay for your mess.

Enough said


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