Bandon Tidy Town Spring Clean

We were unlucky to choose two very wet days for our annual Bandon spring clean which ties in with the National Spring Clean, namely Friday, 25th April, 2009 and Saturday, 26th April.  Nevertheless, a big thank you to the Lauragh National School children who braved the bad weather to clean up the town park.  We wish them well in their pursuit of a green flag for the school.   We would also like to thank Sinn Fein who cleaned along the river bank, the brownies and guides who cleaned the shambles, the playground and around the park and to local residents and Bandon Tidy Towns who cleaned up around their areas, Gaggin, Thornfields and Castle Road out to the golf club etc.

Pay by weight is a system that doesn’t work.  Fly tipping all over the place is rampant and there aren’t enough CCTV cameras to catch people.  Black bags carefully tied are dumped everywhere.  Rats nibble through the plastic and the contents fly all over the countryside.  Have we no pride?  Do we seriously think that these black bags will just magically disappear?  Bring back compulsory bin charges for everyone!  I hate paying taxes like everybody else but I hate it even more when I end up paying whilst plenty duck them.

We had a miserable job getting the secondary schools to participate in the spring clean.  Any suggestions???   Dropping litter, gum etc isn’t cool – It’s dumb.  How do we convey this message to kids?  We need the secondary schools help with this!!!!


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2 Responses to “Bandon Tidy Town Spring Clean”

  1. mary wrixon Says:

    Just to let you know that the road from Innishannon to Bandon and from Bandon to Clonakilty has the same rubbish dumped there for the past two months, it is an absolute disgrace. Could any of your well paid Councillors influence Cotk CC for a clean up beforet he Tourist Season really starts?

    • kilbrogan Says:

      As you correctly point out, the road running from Innishannon to Clonakilty is a travesty and so many people comment about this pile up of litter. We mention this time and time again to the council without success as the council have no funds. Last year we (Bandon Tidy Town’s) cleared the road which runs past the Gaggin recycling centre four miles outside the town and it is once again as bad as ever.

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