Bandon Tidy Towns

Volunteers from Bandon Tidy Towns have been hard at work all summer.  There was many a time we might have thrown in the towel – Why?  because

a)  many of our plants, shrubs and roses were pinched.

b)  our watering pump blew up in July right at the beginning of a dry period causing many of the plants in the new hanging baskets to die and then have to be replanted.

c) the council sprayed the weeds on a windy day killing off many of the plants in our tubs on St Patricks Quay and around the trees on Market Quay, on  Kilbrogan Hill and at the top of Ball Alley Lane.

We received the adjudication report from the 2008 Tidy Towns Competition.  Many of the criticisms were predictable and sadly beyond our control.  The derelict petrol station on the Glasslinn Road and the poor state of the Eircom building opposite the station were commented on.  I totally agree with their comment that these buildings are eyesores.  The derelict buildings next to the new Riverview development on North Main Street also came in for criticism as did the GAA and the graffitti in the childrens playground.  I note that the GAA received lottery funding for euro 150,000 so I really hope that a fraction of this amount (maybe even just euro 20) will be set aside for some paint to spruce up their gates.  Just a small job like that could make such a difference to the town.



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