Did the Celtic Tiger make us go mad?

There was a good article by Niall Toner in this week’s Sunday Times entitled ‘It was a Stupidity Boom’.

Niall notes that the Celtic Tiger brought us a proliferation and massive expansion of DIY emporiums oftentimes full of uninformed staff or those with little English where you bought loads of stuff you didn’t need or didn’t know what to do with.  The boom brought decking, patio heaters and gas fired barbecues  (Has anybody in Bandon taken a peak in the metal skip at the local recycling centre to see just how many of these end up there?)

The credit boom brought us cheap equity release to build the extensions that we probably didn’t need.  Second hand shops died a death as we all wanted something brand spanking new with all that cheap credit.  What about the old Kiddiemart shop that sold second hand children’s goods (cots, prams etc etc) on the way out of Bandon towards Macroom – It had been going for at least 15 years but folded last year because nobody wanted second hand goods anymore.

So perhaps we will now focus on maintenance, repair and maybe even acquiring second hand goods again.  Hardware shops like Deanes in Bandon will come into their own again as people realize that you can buy just the one screw that you need rather than a plastic wrapped packet of 20, most of which get thrown into the bin or stored away never to be used again.



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