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Wine Stain removal from linen

June 18, 2008

I meant to add this useful tip to my last blog on stain removal. I have white linen table cloths which often get stained with red wine. The secret is to mix lemon juice and salt together and pour it over the stain. Once you have done this, throw it into the washing machine and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how it comes out!


The 10 greatest Irish people according to Brian Groom of the FT

June 18, 2008

I liked this article so here is a summary. Those who qualify in the list were born here and made their mark on politics, business or economics (so the list excludes singers etc etc)

1. Charles Stewart Parnell. Worked towards land reform and home rule. Might have succeeded in getting independance earlier and with less bloodshed had he not died young.

2. Michael Collins.

3. Edward Carson. Secured exemption from home rule for Northern Ireland but warned Unionists not to alienate northern Catholics.

4. Charles Haughey. Adopted tax and spending cuts and set the celtic tiger going.

5. Jack Lynch. Led Ireland into the Economic Community.

6. Mary Robonson. Revitalised the presidency and has been human rights champion.

7. Michael O’Leary. Built Ryanair into Europe’s largest low cost airline.

8. Arthur Guinness. Founded Guinness.

9. Tony O’Reilly. Head of a media empire and former chief executive of Heinz.

10. Sean Quinn. Entrepreneur and Ireland’s richest man with his cement to financial services empire.

De Valera is excluded partly because Ireland had a stagnant economy during his tenure.

Ballpoint pen (Biro) stain removal

June 18, 2008

Here is a tip for anybody in the bed and breakfast and accommodation industry in general that needs to worry about getting stains out of sheets. If you have the misfortune to get a ballpoint pen stain in your linen, find some nail polish remover and/or hair spray and apply it to the stain. I used both on a very bad stain and the stain came out very easily. Remember to hold kitchen paper or something behind the stain so that it can soak into the paper rather than into another piece of the sheet