When crude oil reaches euro 1000 a barrel

Here is a summary of a great article that appeared in Fortune (Good old Stanley Bing) this month. I have translated it into Ireland’s terms.  Check out Fortune, 30th June for the original!

Nobody knows where oil prices are going to end up. So here are some implications, not all negative:-

1. Air travel will end except for the super rich who will get fabulous treatment at a price.

2. Volume on trains and buses will increase exponentially with people hanging out of windows and riding on bumpers like in India, Mexico etc. Only a few hybrid cars will exist and these will be for the wealthier among us.

3. Motorways will be quiet as people will only be able to afford to drive locally. Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo and Waterford will become individual republics as they become dependant on their own economies.

4. No food will be available other than that grown or bred locally so the local areas will become overrun with poultry etc.

5. Unable to travel, people will communicate by mobile and email eventually crashing the internet so we’ll have to resort back to mid 20th century means of communication.

6. Barter will come back into its own again and the Financial worlds will concentrate on barter and the trading of chickens etc.

7. Banks, international companies etc and what remains of the government will accept a tender offer from Saudi Arabia to acquire us for a low price and offer us all the oil we want.

So goodbye to all those long distance holidays not to mention holiday homes abroad and of course goodbye to all those SUVs now in abundance!!

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