Bandon to introduce pay parking

If the town could have convinced business and construction employees who work in the centre of Bandon to park on the outskirts of the town, the introduction of pay parking might have been avoided. I am not a fan of pay parking and certainly many tourists who visit Kilbrogan House tell me that they are put off by the pay parking in Kinsale. At times it is very difficult to get a parking spot in Bandon. Even entering the bank car parks is a challenge as the endless 4x4s seem to take up more than one space. I turn into the bank car parks and then have to try to turn around in a confined space to find parking on the street.

The businesses on the main street may suffer but time will tell. Pedestrianisation of the main street is urgently needed. Look at the places where this has been introduced and how successful it has become. Pedestrianisation attracts shoppers. Just think of Galway, Grafton Street in Dublin and McCurtain Street in Cork. Somehow the shop keepers have to be convinced that this is the way forward.

Guests tell me that they love shopping in Bandon. We have a wide variety of useful shops rather than endless craft shops which populate the tourist towns in the country. Visitors from England are pleasantly surprised at how so many individual enterprises have continued to exist on the Bandon high street as their towns are full of chain stores – Starbucks, WH Smith, endless mobile phone enterprises, Boots etc etc. Sometimes the only difference between towns in the UK is the architecture. Lets not kill off the town centre. Lets seriously consider pedestrianisation!!

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