Swansea Cork Ferry

A new website has been launched called www.bringbacktheswanseacorkferry.com. This ferry crossing ceased to operate in the autumn of 2006 and despite endless pleas has not been reinstated.

The lack of a ferry crossing from Cork to Swansea is having a very bad impact on tourism in West Cork. Tourists coming to this area must enter via Rosslare or Dublin which in turn means a much longer drive to their destination. Oftentimes, tourists now leave one day early and stay near the ferry port.

A weak sterling exchange rate against the euro means that those travelling from the UK are far more conscious about costs than they were in the past. Those coming to South West Ireland in their own cars do not have to worry about the cost of car hire but alas they now have to drive a great deal further.

We need to have this valuable crossing reinstated. Those of us like myself who have lived in the UK for many years make frequent trips across the water – We have also been greatly inconvenienced! It is certainly much easier to get from the UK to France these days than to get from the UK to Ireland.

West Cork Calling members like ourselves at Kilbrogan House have been lobbying hard alongside other tourism businesses over the entire South West. We need to keep up the pressure to get this service reinstated.


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